A restaurant with no roof, no walls, no wait staff. Just the Sun in the European sky

If you plan a trip to Europe within the next year, hunt down the Lupin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant and experience something fresh and healthy and innovative!

This kitchen is not in the trendy part of town, the rich and inflatedly fabulous won’t be snapping at waiters or delicately nibbling on foie gras in an almond dust, and you won’t see decorative ancient paintings hanging from walls…cause there are none. This restaurant is outside. Under the sun and clouds and filled with the ambient music of the wind in the trees.

Run by world-acclaimed Catalan designer Martí Guixé and Finnish food visionary Antto Melasniemi and all of the food is cooked by the SUN. Their kitchen’s arsenal is composed entirely of only solar ovens…Plus they are always very stylish. Culinary fashionistas.  Watch.

WARNING: Just eat the vegetables…sparingly.

This is an exciting endeavor put forth by Lupin Kulta. Exciting because it is taking the all too generalized concepts of ALTERNATIVE ENERGY, CARBON FREE/SOLAR/HEALTHY/COST EFFICIENT COOKING, and making it something tangible…and tasty. From Form to Function.

Remember, having worked as a waitress for a short bit in my past, I am well aware that in Europe it is not customary to tip….so when you visit these traveling hot boxes over seas, just understand the service is included! However, with the chef’s cooking and serving their bold, fresh creations to you by hand, I’d dare to be the “typical” American and leave behind something extra for them. ‘Cause it’s still really cool.

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