Love to grill? Help us out, fill out a survey.

An important part in the development of every new product is figuring out what the customer wants. This is done in a variety of ways including market research, focus groups, surveys and interviews. With this information a company can design the product to the customers specifications.

In an effort to better understand our market (and hopefully future customers), we are performing a basic survey.

Please help us out and fill out this 5 minute survey! Click on the link below:

Apple and Coca-Cola are two prime examples of success and failure in understanding the customer.

Apple’s iPod was a huge success in the mid 2000’s with its sleek design and novel circular wheel button.

Other the other hand, Coca-Cola’s “New Coke” was a huge bust as customers were comforted by the longstanding taste and tradition of original coke.

Thanks for your contribution towards helping us design the best solar grill!

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