Wanna Work with Batman?


You look impatient...

It’s time to talk about time…

I’m sure you love reading all these blog entries about solar cooking and grilling and earth day and fun little recipes and such, but I know you are saying, “I follow you cause I’m interested in something else…..what about the grill?!”

Good question.

Where is the CharSOL grill? The summer is here and the sun is calling my name…”JORdan..JOOOOOORRRRdan…bring the grill before me to cook your food!” And I wish to obey, but…where is the grill.


Okay, okay! I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone. NO ONE!

It’s in a super secret laboratory somewhere in the continental US being worked on by BATMAN so that it doubles as a hovercraft/escape grill. I’m not allowed to show you any pictures at this time, but it will be awesome.

No way!

Yes way. I met him.

I think Mark and Pat are also helping him out; working to make it more efficient as a grill. Quicker heat up and cool down times, more even distribution of heat, (perhaps a small backup propane system to help out when the sun takes time off). Believe me, kid, it’s well worth the wait. I will let you know when I get to see it.

This is the summer it’s going to be tested. We are looking for brave volunteers. Would you like to test it? Are you interested in trying it out? You have to have really good balance, know a little about lift vs drag and rotation and bring your own beverage….I’ll bring the burgers. Does this fit you? Email me and we’ll begin the background check/security clearance procedures right away. jordan.saunders@charsolgrill.com

Thanks for your patience, good-fellows. Enjoy the sunshine.

I approve this message

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