License Agreement made with Columbia University

CharSOL Grill has recently reached a license agreement with Columbia University. The agreement is a typical “know-how license” in which the company is free to use the knowledge it gained from Columbia’s facilities and laboratories.

This agreement is a large step forward for CharSOL Grill as it becomes an officially recognized Columbia Portfolio company. Both myself and Mark Lombardi (CharSOL Grill, Co-Founder) and very excited about the agreement. The agreement starts what should be a very interesting summer for the team.

An interesting note, the idea of the CharSOL Grill did not originate at Columbia, but much of the knowledge and expertise were gained from the senior design project. This is a course taught but once of the fabulous faculty members at Columbia Professor Fred Stolfi. Check out other design projects at the Senior Design Capstone website.

One of my favorite design projects, albeit maybe not very practical,  was the “Frisbee Launcher”. Check it out:

Anyways, thanks to all those that supported the effort in the license agreement, including the Science and Technology Ventures (STV) office at Columbia and the staff and faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia.

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2 Responses to License Agreement made with Columbia University

  1. toocool4skl says:

    This thing is cool, but…aside from alleviating the effort in playing with a tireless dog…what purpose does it serve?

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