If Texas secedes…

we’ll certainly know who to turn to for light! Check out this guy living in Terlingua, Texas.

A typical night on John Wells' Terlingua, Texas homestead

This is a fascinating article about a city-slicker who, on a whim, packed up and headed out to the middle of nowhere Texas to live completely off the land…and sky.
His blog keeps updates on his struggles and small successes, the relationships he builds with the community and the land.

I guarantee we would get a rowdy and heart-felt “Yeehaw” out of Mr. Wells if we brought our Solar powered grill to his doorstep. Fully powered by the sun, efficient, clean, reliable. It’d be his pride and joy…although I don’t know if his cattle would take too kindly to it.

Check it out for yourself and tell us if you think it could stand up to the harsh heat and dust and pride Texas dishes out. This just may be the boost in confidence that serves as the catalyst for Texas’ run for independance!
…or just a really great grill.

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