The Sunda Seido Solar Pipes

Today’s blog will be about the fundamentals of CharSOL. The bones, the marrow, the white blood cell count….the technology!

Here is a little bit about the tools we employ to create CharSOL grill’s flameless blaze. The Solar Tubes we use are called Sunda Seido.
(Most of you have seen this picture before, but the affection is just beaming from his eyes, I simply must use it again)

Sunda is taken from the name of the company based in China called Sunda and Daimler-Benz Aerospace. Over 10 years of co-operative research and development by Sino-German experts resulted in today’s design…the Seido!

Seido /SAY-do/, which is Japanese for “the sincere way”, is the name of the design of the tubes… and this is the heart of this project; to bring honest integral use of our resources to their maximum potential for the environment, humanity (domestic and international) as well as the individual. To make awareness and responsibility for our actions, consumption, financial decisions a sharpening tool for the character and not just the conscience. We want to reveal how using solar technology is not only a “guilt- free” decision; it’s one of wise discernment.

Enough sentiment, back to basics.

Sunda’s vacuum tubes are suitable for OEM manufacturers and can be used for various kinds of installations.
The absorber and heat pipe are mounted in a highly stable borosilicate vacuum glass tube. This prevents damage and the heat loss that occurs in conventional solar collectors. The absorber is sputtered with aluminum nitride selective coating to ensure high absorption and highest efficiencies even on cloudy days. The middle of the absorber has a tube which contains a glycol salt mixture that, when heated, transfers the heat up the pipe to the tip which is then distributed to the grilling surface creating that glorious flameless blaze.

You know, enviornmentally conscious technology doesn’t have to have some laborious sacrifce to undergo in order to obtain. It’s tangible. With solar energy having dropped from $8 per watt to just under $2 within the last couple of years and still drifting down, the potential is captivating

…I’m speaking of humanity’s potential; health, freedom, our fruition.

Creation of the sun and moon by Michelangelo


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6 Responses to The Sunda Seido Solar Pipes

  1. That was a really good article, thanks for taking the time to put it together! You have managed to point out some very good points. I can’t say that I completely agree about some points, but you certainly have a unique perspective. Anyway, I like your post

  2. I have read most of your blog posts and I would like to tell you how useful they are not only for me but for all of your readers.

  3. Really good article. I think that solar vacuum tubes are something really amazing and more people will know about them the better. I hope i will see more articles on the web like this one.

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