Things to be hidden are best hidden in plain sight!

The tech symposium was a great success!

You few fans of mine out there will be glad to know, I was not the only female present, nor was I handed an aulos to play. The men were also fully dressed, which is a big relief, given the depictions of classic symposiums in which I was mentally preparing for…although they all look pretty hunky on the pot. Here’s that ancient scene once again:

A female aulos-player entertains men at a symposium on this Attic red-figure bell-krater, ca. 420 BC

…and here I am…no aulos.

Despite their adamant objections, Pat and Mark were both incredibly charming and articulate when it came to talking about their piece of art. They couldn’t help that their passion flooded out with every inquiry posed to them concerning their solar grill.

Pat and Mark work to set up the grill under the stern watch of Yasir and Crystal; both merciless perfectionists.

There were many excellent points brought to our attention by the highly intelligent group of visitors. The comments ranged from the poignantly simplistic to the strikingly complex.

“Did you know it looks like a Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future!?” …strikingly complex.

“How is the energy stored?” …poignantly simple.

We talked about how the solar pipes glean and transfer heat to the grilling surface, about anticipated cost, about portability, reliability, efficiency, durability, sex appeal (another query from a striking, complex attendee) and the ingenuity behind the idea. However, it was the moment I snuck away from the exhibitors and crept into the lecture hall, that I was enlightened to a new concept concerning our little grill; one that has always been so obvious concerning renewable energy, an argus apocraphex. But, things to be hidden are often best hidden in plain sight.

And here it is:

the revelation:

the one point that broke open my concepts of renewable energy:

right here:



One monstrous benefit to solar power is its ability to be PRIVATIZED!!!! Ayn Rand would be very proud.

Ayn Rand beaming with pride for Jordan

Investing in solar energy is another step toward self-sovereignty, independence from corporate energy providers, volitional, freedom of decision. No more dependence for energy. It’s the sun’s to shine on everyone; which means it’s rightly mine, it’s rightly yours, take it, use it. Cook that food of your own means and free will!


Aside from discovering a new market aimed at Libertarians, I suddenly realized this little grill is, in its simple construct and humble function, a revolutionary tool. Literal power in the hands of the individual.

“A bit dramatic, don’t you think, Jordan?”, you interrogate…

…well, perhaps my poetic sentiments do grow unruly at times, but in all honesty, this new outlook has captivated me. It’s progressive, it’s simple and honest and ferociously individual.

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