The freedom of solar cooking

Last week was a focus on solar cooking as it pertains to the rest of the world. Now, let’s look to the USA, and what better way to do so then to throw a POTLUCK!
A dozen solar ovens, a bright sun and suddenly, a community is built.

This community potluck reminds me of the hot summers in Texas; the food, the family and the sun. Some of my fondest memories were running around barefoot in my back yard from the pool to the trampoline to the driveway, weaving in and out of the friends and family that had gathered at our home. BUT there was always a slight frustration with these days… my mom and aunts were usually stuck inside, slave to the stove of the oven, missing out on the sun and all the life abounding outside.

My sister Lauren, babysitter Melissa and me (right) with wild hair on a summer's day.

“Come outside, Mom! Watch my flip!”, and she’d take a moment to step away from her cooking to watch me from the window.
“Did you see?!?”
“Yes, Jordan, that was good”, and I’d immediately demand she come outside and see it for real.
There’s no way she could fully understand the awesome-ness of that trick off the diving board into the pool unless I saw her experience it.

Eventually, she’d step through the sliding door and stand on the deck while I would frantically run to the diving board, get a good head start and launch off into a wild and impressive display of darring-do. Then, as fast as I could, climb out of the pool, run back over to the board and shout, “Now, watch THIS!”. Seven tricks later, I’d allow her to leave.

My mom always gave above and beyond for me, the point of all this being, I’m excited by the prospect of being able to create something that, once I have three wild haired girls, will give me the chance to provide for their growing bodies and experience them as well, simply by being outside and letting them know I see.

CharSOL is working on ideas of making the grilling surface interchangeable with stove tops, griddles and the ridged non-stick grill as well, multi-functional, so that you can cook what you want, when and where you want to. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the testing we do and each day we get closer to being able to let you test it for yourself.

Checkout the design and more information at our website:

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