It is underway!


My friends and I have decided to create this Grilling, Man-Magnetizing solar powered hot box! (…for different reasons, of course. Pat and Mark don’t want Hugh showing up at their door quite as much as Crystal and I do, but we’ve convinced them it would be cool, at the least for them. They agreed.) Check out these tubes of glory!

This is Mark holding this Sunda Seido! The tubes, when exposed to the sun, glean the rays and convert them into heat, very hot heat, which is then distributed to the grilling surface in a matter of moments.

The guys, Pat, Mark, Pat’s stepdad, and an arsenal of every tool imaginable got together this weekend and began to build this beast!

I have to tell you something that these pictures can’t quite relay….the atmosphere of the garage was something truly inspiring. Pat and Mark were like two science nerds toiling over their Physics class project, investing waaaay more time and energy than most of the rest of us (especially us Theatre kids) would even imagine to give, because they love…they LOVE engineering. The facts, the numbers, the ideas, the challenge of it all excites and inspires them; and due to their earnest ambitions to create and marvel at the simple beauty of science, the value of this rusty ole cooking appliance, whence through their cosseted touch, shifts to something more; something handcrafted, something shaped and designed and created, warmed by the sun. It becomes a reflection of their passion, their skill and a contribution to the human story; it is suddenly art. I hope you can understand what I mean when I call it such. I’m excited to be a part of it.

If you’re interested in what we’re creating, check us out at our new website, Have a look at the prototype and find out ways to contact us. (you know who you are. ;-))

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