Solar Grill?

Hello All,

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and I need some input. What do you think about the idea of a solar grill? A grill heated and cooled completely due to exposure to the sun.

This is what it would have to have:

1. It would have to grill my food.  …obviously

2. It would have to attract many tall, hunky, meat hungry, single pro-athletes to its location. …obviously

3. It would have to be healthy (one of the main reasons for inventing such a device would be to cancel out the toxins and carbon that are actually cooked into my food via charcoal, wood and propane.)

“What’s the seasoning on this steak?!”

“O, just some salt, pepper and DEATH!”


4. It would have to be reliable. If I manage to find Hugh Jackman at my door one sultry evening asking for some food and shelter, I can’t haul-butt into my backyard and start wheeling the grill around into the street and plowing across my neighbor’s yards looking for the last bit of sunlight to hit my solar receptors so I can cook this man (who obviously was attracted to my location because of this grill) a steak. I need reliability. This could be an issue.

4. a. However, on a nice, clear, sunny day in south Texas, what an easy task to just place the grill in the beams of light, walk away without having to nurse a charcoal flame or worry about running out of fuel, and come back to an evenly heated, healthy grill to roast some spicy Habana corn on, with Hugh complimenting me on how attractive it is to be near a woman who knows how to cook healthy food…especially one with such lovely eyes. Sigh. This is the dream, ladies and gentleman. Do you think it could work?

(Not to mention the benefit it could have for your pocket book when gas is on the rise, inflation is on the rise, propane is on the rise and the dollars seem to be falling from the trees into the wind…not growing. It could be comforting to know you’re doing as much as you can to save and investing wisely. Right?)

Let’s hear your ideas, folks. What do you think? Could it work?

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2 Responses to Solar Grill?

  1. bebe says:

    I would love to see how this would work. I have propane in my house and it is about 2.50 a gallon. It is roughly 20.00 to get my bar-b-que cannister filled. Very interesting. Will be looking for this soon, I love to bar-b-que.

    • patrickduggan says:

      Love to hear your interest. How often do you go through the 2.5 gallons of propane? Keep tuned for pictures of our first prototype.

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